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New Year, New You?

Happy New Year All!

So I know that many people have set resolutions, as to be expected at the turn of the

New Year: to become healthier, maybe take up a new hobby or even give up a vice (I’m sure there are many of us who can relate to trying to give up moaning!).

Here at Megha, we’re definitely trying to go down the healthier route for 2017 and beyond (although speak to me in 6 months’ time, I’m sure I’ll be sat in a KFC somewhere!).

The reason why we’re so keen to get Not.Corn out to you all is simple; its health

benefits are staggering! What is Not Corn, I hear you say? The main ingredient of Not.Corn is Sorghum, which is healthier alternative to other grains such as corn. We prepare the grain using coconut oil and season it with natural sweet and savoury flavouring.

But you may think, why not just stick to popcorn? Because you’d be silly to when you can get:

i) 82% less fat;

ii) 22% fewer calories

iii) 15% more protein

iv) 26% more fibre

*than regular popcorn

I’m sure you need no other reason but just in case you fancied another, Not.Corn also has 96% less salt than regular popcorn! I. Kid. You. Not.

It’s basically a guilt free snack! So what are you waiting for; grab a bag today. You can

order from the ‘shop’ section of our website. I’m already on my 4th bag today ... whoops!

Speak soon,


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