Mixed Not.Corn Box - 14 Bags (30g each)

The Sweet Chilli pack is an amazing balance of sweet and spicy! The Sweet & Salty pack has a perfect caramalised glaze coupled with sea salt. The Cinnamon pack has a delicious spinkle of spiced, caramelised cinnamon.


Mixed Not.Corn Box - 14 Bags (30g each)

  • Sweet Chilli: Sorghum (75.8%), rapeseed oil, sugar, cumin, salt, chilli powder (0.3%)


    Sweet & Salty: Sorghum (76.7%), rapeseed oil, sugar (7.1%), sea salt (0.8%)


    Cinnamon: Sorghum (75.6%), rapeseed oil, sugar, coriander, cinnamon (0.7%) ginger

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